My name is Jeremy Coffey and this IS how Good Soles was born. 


On a normal day in August 2016, I was waiting at light to get on the outer loop of 277 near downtown Charlotte. There my life and way of thinking changed. At the light I met a man named Charles. Charles was begging on the median for spare change. I happened to look at his feet and noticed his shoes. They had holes in them and were badly worn down. I happened to have a pair of Nike basketball shoes that I had worn only a handful of times during our recent church basketball league. So, the idea to give him the shoes all of the sudden popped into my head. Which I now know was a true sign from God! I called Charles over and asked him what size shoe he wore, he answered "11". I said "I have a pair of twelves, do you want them?" He then said "Are you sure? Yes, I'll make them work!" So we traded shoes right there on the street and exchanged "thank you's" and "God bless you". After I drove off, I could not stop thinking about how to help more people in need who needed proper shoes. I prayed and prayed and several ideas came to mind. The first was buying a few pairs of shoes each month and giving them out as I met people in need. Something kept poking at my heart, that more could be helped and to keep on thinking. Finally, after doing some research I realized while working in my professional job as a General Manager for a commercial cleaning company that steel toe boots were in high demand. For safety reasons construction companies and many distribution centers are requiring steel toe boots. That’s when Good Soles was born.  I was so afraid to share this idea with people because I am not a person who usually comes up with great ideas but my faith in God and knowing He is with me always, I finally shared with my girlfriend and one of her friends. They loved the idea and said I should definitely keep looking into the ministry. Then I shared with our youth leader at Myers Park UMC and he loved it, so we prayed over the idea. The more I shared the more my passion grew and the more I knew this was something that our Charlotte community needed!


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I founded Good Soles on faith, love and the need to help others! Philippians 2:4 says “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” This verse best describes what we are trying to accomplish with this ministry. To simply look beyond our own selfishness to seek out and help those who are truly in need! So far in our early ministry we have been able to provide fifty pairs of steel toe work boots. Along with two pairs of socks and a flyer in each box. The flyer encourages the recipient to keep fighting to better their lives and to encourage the men to give back to those in need once they have established themselves. Thirteen pairs have been given out so far. That means thirteen prayers have been answered, thirteen opportunities have been afforded. We are so excited and can’t wait to hear about the next thirty-seven opportunities! If you plan to give gracious donation we will use it to further our footprint in the community by holding fun events and to provide an endless supply of opportunities to our brothers in need. We want the boots to be waiting for the men not the other way around! I will pray and be happy for whoever gets this generous donation. For I know God is at work with your group to help those in need!